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Steph Curry is Great…Deal With It

I want to get to my main take of the day and that is Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. For those who missed it, go online and watch a repeat of the OKC-GSW game from last week (2.27.16). I will give you about a few hours then come back after you pick your jaw off the ground and read this. An incredible performance that continues to leave you astonished game after game in an already historic season for the Warriors. Those who say coaching does not matter do not know what they are talking about because just look at Mark Jackson’s Warriors versus Steve Kerr’s Warriors. The coaching issue has nothing to do with Curry’s amazing talent but it just shows how it can completely transform a team’s abilities and expectations. Jordan’s 72 win Bulls have forever been the golden standard for teams and the fact that this team has a realistic chance to beat that record says everything about just how good this team is.

When people ask what it was like for people to watch Jordan in his prime and greatness, this is what it is like. Steph Curry just beat his own record for three-point baskets made in a single season and still has 24 games remaining! Curry has always been fun to watch since his Davidson days but he is getting to the point of the overall NBA fan base where he is as fun to watch and cheer for as Jordan was. As much as Kobe became Jordan’s near equal on the court and ability-wise, Curry has the chance with this Warriors (potential dynasty) to be Jordan’s equal because everybody loves Curry on and off the court.

I think people just need to be quiet honestly and enjoy what they are watching. You can still cheer for your team and nobody will blame you for cheering against the Warriors. However, most times in life we let moments like this pass by and then we’re finally like man who was pretty historic when you think about it. From twitter posts to YouTube videos, we just need to enjoy how crazy good Curry is when we get the chance to watch him play. Haters might say he is just a finesse player but you don’t just get good by luck, it comes from hard work and you know he has to have practiced those long-range three-pointers for countless hours for him to be this good at it. It has come to the point where we expect him to make every shot and the buzz in every living room, stadium, and bar is exactly what makes historic teams great to watch. When someone is so good it makes you smile and fall in love with the sport all over again, you know it is something special.

Forget about Durant potentially joining this team, the scary thing is they do not need him nor should they go after him. The Warriors, if they keep this core, they can not only challenge Jordan’s 72 win Bulls’ team, but they can challenge Jordan’s 6 titles. You heard me correctly, this is the second-coming of the greatest team/player in NBA history that we have been waiting for years for. First people thought it was Kobe’s Lakers, Spurs, or Lebron’s Heat. While those are all great teams, you could not predict certain success for them because of all they were up against. The Warriors are up against it and you still would beat heavily on them on the road or at home against anybody. Golden State just played the Thunder twice in a few week span and beat them twice. As long as Curry suits up, then this team will beat the Bulls record and they will win their second straight title. Healthy or not, the Cavs will not get revenge this year.

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