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Combine Action in Indy

The weirdly important combine is wrapping up in Indianapolis where every inch is measured for every player, every pound counted, and mental makeup considered. I agree that it is hard to come up with something unique that is efficient in determining a players success in the NFL but changes would be welcome to parts of the combine no doubt about it.

Tennessee is on the clock and they will have a lot of choices to make with the #1 pick. The Titans already have their franchise QB in Marcus Mariota but now they either need to add a playmaker to that awful defense or invest in a lineman to protect their franchise QB. With Tunsil’s performance at the combine, I would be surprised if the Titans do not select him with the #1 overall pick. The offensive lineman from Ole Miss is an athletic freak and will protect Mariota for years to come. I do really like Joey Bosa though and I know they need to protect Mariota, however, I see some JJ Watt in Bosa and that is hard to pass up.

Unfortunately for Cardale Jones, the former Ohio State QB came up limping after his second 40-yard dash attempt with a lame hamstring. Hopefully, it is nothing serious and he can produce at his pro day which is less than two weeks away. Jones came to fame with his incredible run to the National Championship in 2014-15 with the Buckeyes after being third-string for most of his time at Ohio State. It will be interesting to see where he goes, I see Jones as a mid-round developmental pick but someone who has starter potential in his future because of his build and arm strength, plus he just wins.

Goff added 13 pounds to help alleviate some concern about his light frame and I think that will actually help him with his draft stock. Goff, the former Cal-Berkley quarterback, is a very good and accurate quarterback who made due with a poor offensive line to have very impressive statistical seasons at California. Goff can see over basically everything because of his 6’4 frame and has most of the qualities you would want in a quarterback. Jared Goff can move the chains and has ability to strike quickly down the field.

Another quarterback who is making some noise is Western Kentucky quarterback Doughty. He performed very well at the combine and his resume at WKU speaks for itself. Doughty sets all sorts of school records and despite a porous defense most of his run there, the former WKU quarterback piled up the wins as the leader of the Hilltoppers. Look for someone to pick him up in the middle rounds earlier than expected.

Former Sparty QB Connor Cook is the most intriguing to me honestly because he is a very pro-style quarterback and that is what a lot of teams like to see coming out of college. However, his shoulder injury last season is something I think teams will look at and to me I think he goes in the 2nd-3rd rounds.

I could talk all day about the players at the combine but I will just touch on one last player. Josh Doctson from TCU. The former Horned Frogs wide receiver was incredible in the Big 12 over his career in Fort Worth. Docston has the ability at 6’4, and 190 lbs to be an elite wide receiver in the NFL. Josh can go over most defenders and just pluck the ball out of the air in addition to his deep threat and that is something that NFL teams covet, especially if they come out of a Power 5 conference where throwing the ball is more often than running it.

It will be interesting to see who helped their stock and who hurt their stock after their trip to Indianapolis.

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