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Jets sign Matt Forte

The New York Jets sign Matt Forte and thus officially move on from Chris Ivory. Recent rumors have had the former Chicago Bears running back talking with the Packers or maybe even being a fit in New England so this is sort of a surprise for most folks out there.

Head coach Todd Bowles did a great job in year one with that team by nearly making the playoffs in the AFC. The defense will continue to be a force to be reckoned with thanks to coach Bowles and it is important he is making moves on the offensive side of the ball to compete with the defense. Forte is the epitome of consistency. Look below

Despite reaching 30 years old, Forte showed that he still has a lot in the tank last year despite playing for an underwhelming Chicago Bears team. I think this is an improvement for the Jets obviously and the next step for them is securing their quarterback for next year unless they do so in the draft. Brandon Marshall has made his desires clear by posting a video asking for Ryan Fitzpatrick to return to NY. I think the Jets will have competition from the Broncos for Fitzpatrick now that the Broncos are more desperate.

Forte is not only a great running back but can also catch the ball out of the backfield which allows him to be on the field all 3 downs. It is a better situation for the Jets than having Ivory out there for two downs then coming back out with someone like Bilal Powell, who is very serviceable do not get me wrong. The Jets have not had a feature back like this in a while and it should add another element to this team. Bowles his shaping this team in his image and we will see what they do in the draft.

The Patriots are still the class of that division but the gap is closing and Brady is not getting any younger.

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