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Texans sign Brock Osweiler


As soon as the NFL calendar turned over to a new year, the Houston Texans hope they have found their starting quarterback as the Texans sign Brock Osweiler. Osweiler becomes yet another backup quarterback the Texans bring in hoping to find a franchise quarterback and the Texans rumors we all heard turned out to be less of a negotiating ploy and more of a serious threat to steal him from Denver. Now the Broncos are scrambling with Trevor Siemian being the only quarterback remaining on the roster.

Texans fans will naturally wonder, is this the savior of the franchise? I do not think so and I am sorry to disappoint you fans. Osweiler, when I watched him on film, does not stand out to me as anything special. Brock has the arm strength to push the ball down the field and he has learned from one of the best in Peyton Manning, however, I just don’t see the IT factor. Osweiler took over during the season when Manning got injured and helped maintain the Broncos in the win column but he also had the #1 ranked defense in the NFL playing at an all-time level so you have to keep things in check. Plus, to be fair with the way Manning was playing I think a lot of quarterbacks would look better.

In his career, Osweiler has thrown for 2,126 yards and 11 touchdowns while throwing 6 interceptions with most of his action coming last year. Keep in mind folks, Schaub was a 4,000-yard passer and pro-bowl quarterback during his early tenure in Houston so good is only good for so long. The question is does this move make the needle move further towards their goal of winning a Super Bowl? Perhaps a little, I mean anybody would be better than the mess the Texans have thrown out there the past 2 years but when it comes to the playoffs I am not sure it makes them any better.

The good news for Osweiler is that he comes to the #5 ranked defense in the NFL. Houston has a championship caliber defense that did a pretty good job despite the offense putting them in bad positions constantly. JJ Watt leads the defense that includes Clowney, Kevin Johnson, Brian Cushing, Vince Wilfork, McKinney, Joseph, Mercilus, and Kareem Jackson. If Osweiler can continue his upwards trajectory then I think the defense will be good enough to take them all the way.

The bad news is the Texans have allowed two offensive lineman move on in free agency in Ben Jones and Brandon Brooks. Houston has never been a great organization in developing and drafting offensive lineman and this could potentially dampen the excitement of Osweiler. Brock could find himself without any time to throw the ball and the only real weapon the Texans have on the outside is Hopkins so I think this might push the Texans towards a WR in round 1 this year.

(Edit): I had to come back to this as the details of the contract came out. Osweiler is coming to Houston for $72 million over 4 years. Wait what? This puts him between Sam Bradford and Cousins in terms of average salary per year. I knew the Texans were going to outbid the Broncos but I did not know they were going to go all crazy girlfriend about it. I mean the Texans do one thing that make me say okay that’s kind of a good move, then I am just like “huh?” My theory was that the Texans are using Osweiler as a placeholder while they groom the QB that the draft in this years NFL Draft. I guess the Texans see Osweiler as a top 5 NFL QB…..*sigh

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