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Bumgarner to miss start, ready for Opening Day

Madison Bumgarner will miss a spring training start due to a nerve injury but it is said to be a minor injury on his left foot so breathe easy Giants fans he will be ready opening day.

The hair might be cut and it might have been over a year ago but Madison Bumgarner is still the great elite pitcher he is and the Giants rotation would certainly be devastated without him if it was anything more than a minor injury. This is the time to rest people with March Madness on the mend. Plus not many people will be watching Spring Training a whole lot honestly. I love baseball and even I have my eyes glued to March Madness at this time and the NBA regular season. Spring Training is nice and relaxing but no need to put Bumgarner in danger with a lot of players out there who are basically going to be sent down in a couple of weeks. In addition, Bumgarner, as he showed in the World Series, does not need a whole lot of practice to do what he does best and I think it is a great idea to address this early and get him ready for opening day.

This is what Bumgarner brings to the table

The one thing you do not want to hear around this time of year are the words shoulder or elbow like Wieters from Baltimore:

The Giants are a bounce-back candidate for the MLB 2016 season in my opinion and they love even years so 2016 is right up their alley to win it all. The Dodgers are obviously their competition in the division but the Giants do not even need to win the division to be the best team in the National League. A rotation with Bumgarner, Cain, and Cueto could be one of the best. The Giants also have Matt Duffy who will be in his second year after a breakout rookie campaign and he has the experience of Hunter Pence and Buster Posey to lean on.

So my bit of advice to the Giants is let Bumgarner rest until the start of the season IF anything reacts a weird way or something of that nature. I know the Giants know this and they are going to protect their players but sometimes it just needs to be said again that most veterans in baseball really don’t need a whole lot of Spring Training.

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