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Harbaugh’s Spring Practice: Fair or Foul?

We all know the coaches have a thought on Harbaugh’s Spring Practice in Florida, but what does he think about it?

Jim Harbaugh has been as line-pushing as they come since he arrived in Ann Arbor to resurrect the Wolverines program from the dead. Harbaugh has had camps where he was shirtless and has climbed trees to impress recruits just to name a few examples of what he will do. The guy is passionate about where he works and I would be too if I were working for my alma mater and trying to build it towards greatness. His personality has been known to brush some people the other way but Michigan hired him to do a job and that is what he seems to me to be trying to do.

His antics have certainly not gone without a reaction from other coaches. Harbaugh and Butch Jones of Tennessee have been having a bit of a feud over this whole Spring Practice issue:

SEC coaches alike are flipping out over the fact that Harbaugh is bringing the Michigan Wolverine’s football spring practice to Florida for a week. The rules, however, do not prohibit this type of practice during spring break:

Inevitably the coaches are going to come together to create a rule that prohibits this from happening again because the whole point of college football is competitive advantage and marketing advantage. For years, we all heard about the Big 10 being outdated and losing athleticism to the other conferences and now that the Big 10 is catching up you can see the reaction of the SEC.

Now I understand wanting to protect your turf and keeping things the way they are because life is good in the SEC now. The SEC had a 7 year stretch of National Champions with Alabama being the head of the class and they are used to having a secure border in terms of recruiting and regional attention.

However, I am going to have to vote fair on this one. It is fair because the nature of the game has changed and it is no longer a regional game but instead it is a national one. Social media has shrunk the gap to a minuscule one and players and coaches are more connected than ever. Harbaugh is taking advantage of a rule to help build the brand of Michigan which is, you know, his job and all. Yes he is the head coach, and yes his job is to win football games but he also represents the university. The SEC has not had to resort to camps in other states because they receive all the national attention and they want to keep it that way. If the Big 10 had the same type of attention and run of national championships I bet you would see someone like a Butch Jones or a Jim Mcelwain from Florida go out and set up this type of spring practice.

Most sports in this nation have been too slow to adapt to the times because they were created in a whole different era. The games are different and the people are different, so what is the big deal if someone wants to show what their school is about with practice?

Take Tennessee for example. The Volunteers have just had a great run of highly ranked recruiting classes and this past season finished 9-4. Does it sound to you that Tennessee will really be hurt by this? Butch Jones just offered an entire class a scholarship at a single high school, I mean come on I think you are doing fine (well except for that whole Title IX lawsuit).

The SEC is the best conference in the country and will try to keep it that way but they need to chill out sometimes.

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