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Weddle to join the Ravens

Looks like former Chargers Safety Eric Weddle is set to join the Baltimore Ravens and they could definitely use his help

Now that Weddle is set to join the Ravens, Baltimore has received help in an area they lacked since the days of Ed Reed. Ed Reed was a ballhawk and an enforcer in the secondary and Weddle will provide similar stability for that team regardless of his age of 31. Weddle has averaged 953 snaps in the regular season and Baltimore would relish that type of presence. Baltimore had not lived up to their lofty defensive standards over the past two years and that is especially apparent in their secondary. Injuries were certainly a part of the Ravens struggle to stop the air attack but they definitely needed an upgrade and they got that upgrade in Eric Weddle.

I don’t blame Weddle at all for leaving San Diego. Weddle was All-Pro first or second team for 5 straight years from 2010-2014 and it seemed apparent they did not value his contribution. For crying out loud, the team fined Weddle for watching his daughters halftime performance during a game. I understand that halftime is an important time to make adjustments and he is part of the team, however, he is a veteran of the league and more importantly a father who wanted to see his daughter perform and for that I cannot blame him.

Check out his performance numbers:

Baltimore is looking to the division and realizing that they still have a franchise quarterback and if they could get back to the defense of old they can probably reclaim the division. That porous secondary forced the Ravens to keep up on offense and with injuries to their WR core they struggled to answer every drive. The draft could be a spot where the Ravens address adding weapons on offense but free-agency provides an opportunity to add a known commodity on defense right now. The Ravens needed to counteract the passing attack of the Pittsburgh Steelers (although less potent now without Bryant) and up in Cincinnati, Andy Dalton still has Eifert and Green to throw to so it is not like teams are going to stop coming at them.

The details of the contract are below as reported by Ian Rapoport:

A solid contract that will pay him $9 million in the first year of his contract. This type of contract will put him near the top of the safety market just a few spots below Eric Berry. I like this move for the Ravens because not only will he help tutor the young guys in the secondary but he can still be an all-pro performer who can not only check the secondary but has great instincts against the run.

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