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MLB Way Too Early Thoughts Week 1

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd…

Well, you know the rest of that song so sing along with me! Baseball is back and very much alive in the U.S. with the first full weekend coming up and it already looks to be shaping up to be a great season. The Masters tournament will take most of the attention this first week and deservingly so but there has been some great baseball so far.

How about Colorado rookie Trevor Story? The Rockies’ first-year player has just taken baseball by storm this season by hitting three home runs in his first three games. Story has accomplished something that has not been done since 1900 and that was definitely a long time ago. Rockies fans should be excited about the future of Story, especially after the franchise traded away fan favorite Troy Tulowitzki last season. Colorado had that amazing run in 2007 but have struggled to regain that success. It should be a lot easier to repeat that success with young talent like Trevor Story. The Rockies should be a fun team to watch this year as they endure some growing pains but some success as well.

Teams that are off to a hot start include the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers have, check this out, scored 25 runs and allowed none so far in the season. Los Angeles swept the San Diego Padres and made a statement to the league that this Dodgers team is serious about the real prize at the end of the road. The Dodgers went out and hired Dave Roberts to try to help them take it to the next level. It appears in the first week he has already had a Steve Kerr type influence on the ballclub. We all knew the Dodgers had talent but if he can tap into that talent and make them work as a team and be more effective then I think all bets are off and the Giants even-year deal might come to an end this year. I understand struggling if you are the Padres, however, how do you not even score one run San Diego?

The opposite end of the spectrum is the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are off to an unusually bad start with a 0-3 record. St. Louis had to deal with the frustrations of division rival Pittsburgh, however, one would have figured they had won one of the three-game series at least. I think that Pittsburgh has a chip on their shoulder and I think they have a real shot of winning this division but like the title says, it is way too early to predict anything but I do it anyways. Like with anything in this post, the first few games of the season are not a big deal so all fans should not stress, least of all Cardinal fans. I think Cardinal fans will enjoy this fact:

A few quick hitters and we shall be done for this article. Not to worry because we still have like a billion games to go and a bunch of old former players complaining about how the game is different. It is called progress but moving on…

– Astros and Yankees had their opening series delayed by a day but still played under the first smokeless tobacco ban in a MLB stadium.

– Royals and Mets renew their World Series rivalry with each team winning a game thus far (1-1)

– Nationals are off to a good start with an undefeated record and hope to top the Mets this year instead of wilting late.

– Padres, of course, have a run differential of -25 after failing to score a run in a 3-game sweep

– Orioles lead the AL East after the first few games thanks to some heroics. I think Baltimore should not be ignored in the AL East despite Toronto’s power.

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