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Fantasy Football Mock Draft 1st Round (7.13.16)

Fantasy football mock draft withdrawal? No need to panic, DJ TEEJ is here! This is how I would attack the 1st round for the 2016 Fantasy Football season. As the season approaches, I will give more in-depth analysis and strategies for multiple rounds so keep a lookout for those articles and podcasts. For now, I will give you some good reading material while you wait for Pokemon Go to re-boot.



  1. LeVeon Bell (RB – STEELERS)
  2. Antonio Brown (WR – STEELERS)
  3. ┬áJulio Jones (WR – FALCONS)
  4. David Johnson (WR – CARDINALS)
  5. DeAndre Hopkins (WR – TEXANS)
  6. Odell Beckham Jr. (WR – GIANTS)
  7. Ezekiel Elliot (RB – COWBOYS)
  8. Todd Gurley (RB – RAMS)
  9. Rob Gronkowski (TE – PATRIOTS)
  10. Adrian Peterson (RB – VIKINGS)


The landscape of fantasy football has changed a ton over recent years. In the first round these days, we consistently see a run of wide receivers instead of running backs and it is because of how pass-happy the NFL has become.

I put LeVeon Bell ahead of Antonio Brown because I think he is an every down back and has produced as such when healthy. The Steelers are more dangerous with Bell and that is because they use him. Brown is a stud and I might even take him #1 so I would not blame you. In today’s Fantasy Football world, however, I think an RB like Bell is rare and hard to pass up on (even though I passed on him last year).

Gurley has fallen for me just because the more I look at the Rams the more I see nothing around him. I know he did more with less last year but teams are preparing an entire offseason for him so I would proceed with caution with the Rams star RB. Peterson towards the end of the 1st is a non-shockingly safe pick for those who want consistency. AP has defied father time and lead the NFL in rushing last season despite injuries that would hinder most backs as they age.

Last thought for this mock draft would be about Hopkins. I put Hopkins ahead of Odell because I think for once in his career he will have more freedom to run around and a QB who can actually put the ball where it needs to be. We all saw what Hopkins can do with below-average quarterbacks and so I think we will see him do more with more instead of what Gurley has to deal with.

Hope you enjoyed this little mock 1st round and hopefully this gets you through these dark days of sports!

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