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AFC South Prediction 2016

The AFC has run through Indianapolis for so long and only recently have the Texans claimed division titles. Since 2009, the AFC South has only been won by Houston or Indianapolis.

2015 was an injury riddled season for both teams but especially for the Colts. Andrew Luck suffered a lacerated kidney and missed most of the 2015 season. The Colts struggled to replace him and treaded water until succumbing later in the season. Houston also suffered due to injuries to Arian Foster among others and a rotation of quarterbacks including Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden, and Ryan Mallett. The main issue for the Colts for several years since drafting Luck has been protecting their franchise quarterback. Luck is careless sometimes, however, the offensive line has never really been addressed by the Colts and the defense can only bend so much before breaking and putting the offense in bad positions. The Colts have given him Gore and a strong wide receiver core but until he is protected I do not know how he can really get those turnovers down. Luck was drafted #1 overall so despite all of that he is going to have to find a way to get those turnovers down and take this team where he was meant to take them.

The Houston Texans were way more active in the offseason than the Colts were and I think that is why the Texans will repeat as AFC South champions.


The Colts drafted Ryan Kelly, a center out of Alabama, in the first round this year and I think that will help the Colts offense to protect Luck. However, the Texans drafted so much speed this year they might get a traffic violation. If there is anything the Texans really lacked in their history it has been overall team speed. Houston has had a solid defense for several years now but the offense has truly been Foster/Johnson or bust. Not anymore, the Texans have no excuses not to be a top 15 or top 10 offense in 2016. Houston shelled out $72 million to Brock Osweiler to be their quarterback and he has a top running back in Lamar Miller to help him out. In the draft, Houston took Will Fuller, Braxton Miller, and Tyler Ervin. All of those guys can light it up and tear some turf out of the ground. I think Bill O’Brien is a great offensive mind and all he has been waiting for in Houston has been some talent. O’Brien should be able to put it together in a way that helps the Texans overcome JJ Watt and his back injury for however long he will be out.

Houston was the #10 rushing offense in 2015 without Foster for most of the year and a patchy offensive line. The Texans drafted Nick Martin and added Jeff Allen in the offseason to help offset the losses of Brandon Brooks and Ben Jones. The Texans were #18 in passing offense and that is where they hope Osweiler will bolster their attack. In 7 games for the Broncos last year, Osweiler threw for around 1,800 yards and 9 touchdowns with a completion percentage around 62%. I think the overall talent in Houston beats out Andrew Luck in my opinion.






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