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AFC West Prediction 2016

The AFC West has the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos returning an elite defense to the 2016 season. Gone, however, are both of their quarterbacks from the 2015 season. The Broncos are hoping that Mark Sanchez or a combination of Sanchez and Paxton Lynch/Siemian will help return them to the Super Bowl.


Even with Manning/Osweiler, the Broncos only had the #14 passing offense in the NFL with a total of 3,970 yards. The defense helped pick up the pace for Denver in 2015. Denver had the #1 rated defense in the league by only allowing 283 yards per game and 18.5 points per game.

Not far behind the Broncos were the Chiefs in 2015. Kansas City started off 1-5 but reeled off 10 straight wins to make the playoffs. The Chiefs defeated the Texans in the Wild Card round before losing to the Patriots in the AFC Divisional round. Kansas City is a popular pick to overthrow the Broncos because they return Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles, and Jeremy Maclin. The Chiefs were the #7 rated defense in 2015 but the 27 rated offense in the league. We would have loved to see a third matchup of the Broncos and Chiefs in the playoffs but unfortunately, the Chiefs did not make it. The two regular season matchups included each team winning on the other teams home field. The Chiefs probably should have won both if not for a late collapse of the first game at home.

I think the Broncos will repeat as AFC West champions until I see another team do it. I think if they could do it with “noodle-arm” Manning and a combination of Osweiler then I think they can do it in 2015. The Broncos defense must repeat how dominant it was in 2015 for any of this to be possible.




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