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DJ TEEJ NCAAF TOP 25 Week 2 (9.6.16)

To say that the first weekend of college football lived up to the hype, would be a grand understatement. Upsets should be renamed “Saturday’s”. Houston beat their chest loudly and proclaimed their candidacy for the playoffs. LSU is sitting and wondering how to pick up the pieces to get back in the conversation. Well, the SEC as a whole is saying, “at least there’s Alabama”. Texas might be back after knocking the Irish off. Michigan and Ohio State seem destined for a clash for the ages at the end of this season. Lastly, everyone needs to calm the heck down because it was just one weekend after months without football, so we shouldn’t strain a muscle here.

The AP poll came out today and the new standings are a little surprising, at least compared to the coaches poll.

I have my own rankings for you guys and gals to devour until Saturday.


DJ TEEJ TOP 25 Week 1

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Florida State

4. Michigan

5. Ohio State

6. Houston

7. Washington

8. Stanford

9. Louisville

10. Iowa

11. Georgia

12. Texas

13. TCU

14. Oklahoma

15. Notre Dame

16. Ole Miss

17. Wisconsin

18. Tennessee

19. Oklahoma State

20. Texas A&M

21. LSU

22. Oregon

23. Baylor

24. Michigan State

25. Miami(FL)

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