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Podcast Episode #2 – Final Four, NBA action and MORE (4.1.16)

Tune into the newest podcast to check out my thoughts on the Final Four in Houston as well as some NBA action around the country. The Final Four brings Syracuse, Villanova, North Carolina, and Oklahoma to Space City in what is a beautiful representation of the type of season we

Sweet 16 Action

After 3 days off we dove back into college hoops last night with Sweet 16 action getting underway across the country. Chalk certainly held, as all the higher seeds won their games last night in convincing fashion. Here is a stat on just how wide the margin of victory was

Which #1 Seed Will Survive to reach Houston?

To all the #1 seeds, I say congrats! You worked hard, got that top seed, and I'm sure you are psyched to get everything ready for your inevitable trip down to H-Town. I mean you have to reach Houston if you're a number 1 seed right? Well, maybe not