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College Football Week 1 Predictions (8.31.16)

Alas, the first full weekend of college football is finally upon us and we can all rise from our slumber. It has been a cold and long journey since Alabama defeated Clemson to win the College Football Playoff. Relationships have come and gone, tears have been shed and dried off.

Final Four 2016

Houston, we have the Final Four teams at your ready! From the depths of 68 teams, the last four have survived to reach the surface to do battle in Space City. We have 2 two seeds, a 1 seed, and a 10 seed playing for

Which #1 Seed Will Survive to reach Houston?

To all the #1 seeds, I say congrats! You worked hard, got that top seed, and I'm sure you are psyched to get everything ready for your inevitable trip down to H-Town. I mean you have to reach Houston if you're a number 1 seed right? Well, maybe not

Texans sign Lamar Miller

Texans sign Lamar Miller from the Miami Dolphins to be their next feature back. Houston recently cut ties with Arian Foster and decided to move in a new direction. Foster set all sorts of franchise records during his tenure after coming up as an undrafted free-agent. The cap hit and