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Contenders or Pretenders at MLB All-Star Break (7.13.16)

Before we get to contenders or pretenders, how many of you guys knew that the MLB All-Star game took place last night? I see one hand! Oh wait, that's my hand... The American League beat the National League to secure home field advantage in the 2016 World Series yet again. I

MLB A Third Of The Way Through (6.1.2016)

I know, I know, the NBA Finals are starting tomorrow so what good is an MLB update the night before you might ask. Well, it never hurts to know which teams are doing well and what to look for in the calendar ahead. Before you know it folks, baseball is

Spring Training 2016

Let me check if I see my own shadow, one second... Well, looks like baseball is back! We have teams reporting to Spring Training and ridiculous cars by star hitters (looking at you Cespedes!) and every team believes 2016 is the year to end that ever longing sadness. MLB is at