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Podcast Episode #2 – Final Four, NBA action and MORE (4.1.16)

Tune into the newest podcast to check out my thoughts on the Final Four in Houston as well as some NBA action around the country. The Final Four brings Syracuse, Villanova, North Carolina, and Oklahoma to Space City in what is a beautiful representation of the type of season we

Will LeBron save the Cavs?

We know about Golden State's greatness and the Spurs consistency but what about Cleveland? What about Lebron James? Cleveland boasts the best record in the Eastern Conference we know that, and LeBron James is the greatest player in the world we know that. However, what does that truly mean? Are we

Steph Curry is Great…Deal With It

I want to get to my main take of the day and that is Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. For those who missed it, go online and watch a repeat of the OKC-GSW game from last week (2.27.16). I will give you about a few hours then come